Forever Mag


Role: Creative Director

Forever Magazine is our passion project. We don’t profit from it but it’s a space where we can do whatever we want. Here’s what Flaunt had to say about us:

“Nat Ruiz, Anika Levy, and Madeline Cash are the trio behind the literary magazine, Forever Mag, on the tip of everyone's tongues. “The Forever Girls,” as some call them, are attempting to bring a dwindling scene back from the ether. Whether they’re rescuing Tao Lin from purgatory, pulling Marie Calloway out of hiding, or publishing an excerpt from Dennis Cooper’s first book in ten years, they keep busy. Since Forever’s inception in October 2020, they’ve launched a website, published three issues, and hosted eight readings between Los Angeles and New York. I recently sat down with them for Flaunt to discuss God, gatekeeping, (literary) masturbation, and their origin story.“

- Jasmine Johnson on Flaunt Magazine