Forever Issue 4


The theme of our fourth issue was Lost & Found. I wanted to gamify the experience of reading the magazine and have it look like an i-spy book. We did a campaign where we asked our subscirbers and friends of the magazine what items they had lost and promised to help them find them. At the beginning of Issue IV, there’s a glossary of items that must be found within the issue along with a blurb of who lost the item and how. The art collected for this issue also is for the most part sculptural pieces that get lost into the collages of the pages. But if you pay close attention, they’re identifiable by artist tags on the page. Other pieces about losing and finding oneself in a more conceptual way are displayed as stand alones and function as a breather from the chaos on every other page. 

Issue 3 contributors:

Aaron Jupin
Alex Lee Moyer
Andrew Ross
Anna Delvey
Anna Dorn
Barry Hazard
Benjamin Lederach Styer
Canyon Castator
Clara Debray
Dagmar Stap
Dave Singley
Dayton Castleman
Dragon Fleye
Eileen Myles
Erli Grünzweil
Gabriel Smith
Garielle Lutz
Hanah Lilith Assadi
Harris Rosenblum
Hayden Williams
Hiroshi Sato
Ida Newgarden
Izzy Lawrence
Jason Sebastian Russo
Jake Hanrahan
Jasmine Johnson

Johnny Dean Mann
Jordan Castro
Julian Glander
Kate Zambreno
Keegan Swenson
Line Hachem
Maggie Dunlap
Mariam Wo Ching
Matthew Davis
Matthew Gazda
Matthew Palladino
Max Tullio
Nate Sloan
Nichole Shinn
Noa Ironic
Paul Dalla Rosa
Petra Cortright
Sean Thor Conroe
Sierra Armor
Sophie Vickers
Sheila Heti
Stephanie H Shih
Steve Anwyll
Taylor Carpenter
Tom Allen
Tom Keelan
Wenjing Yang
Zoe Stone-Molloy