Forever Issue 3


The theme of our third issue was Love & Loss. We were launching in the spring of 2022 and wanted to focus on  tragedy and romance. I petitioned work from artists that I like, asking them to submit work revolving around love and loss. We ended up recieving very intimate pieces, which are displayed at full bleed next to stories with a relevant theme.  I contributed with small illustrations that fit within the columns of text along with other illustrators such as Zebadiah Keneally & Trevor Yardley-Jones.

Issue 3 contributors:
Adrian Mangel
Anne Vieux
Blake Butler
Brad Phillipps
Brian Kelly
Bud Smith
Charlotte Fox
Cristine Brache
Christian Lorentzen
Eli Todd
Hannah Lupton Reinhard
Honor Levy
Joe George
Jon Lindsey

Kristen Liu Wong

Kyra Baldwin
Lucia Love
Luke Pelletier
Miranda Popkey
Megan Boyle
Nico Walker
Qiaoyi Shi
Ryan Travis Christian
Sam Berman
Scott Mcclanahan
Shannon Cartier Lucy
Tao Lin
Tea Hacic-Vlahovic
Trevor Yardley-Jones
Zebadiah Keneally