Snap Brand

Role: Art Director
Agency: Collier Simon

For the Snap Inc brand, the vision was to create a sleek and modern visual identity while incorporating vibrant pops of yellow to break the monotony. The brand desired a clean and minimalist aesthetic, utilizing a sans serif font as the foundation. To infuse excitement and energy into the corporate look, I developed a captivating library of icons and doodles. These playful elements added a burst of personality and served as dynamic highlights within the overall brand identity. The Snap Inc brand book and the curated libraries showcase the seamless blend of sophistication and creativity, elevating the brand's visual appeal while maintaining a clean and contemporary vibe. 

Icon Library


Brand Playbook:


I collaborated with talented illustrators and designers to create sticker libraries that infused unexpected charm and whimsy, primarily utilized for in-app user experience but also extended to brand social posts and lightening corporate material.

Collab with Jackie Rivera:

Collab with Eromatica:

Collab with Cat Zero:

Collab with Barbara Fonseca:

Collab with Sarah Brown: