De Lo Mío


Agency: Bakery
Role: Art Director

In 2021, Cezar Pérez (aka Ceze) collaborated with Nike to make a second pair of De Lo Mío shoes. To avoid the shoes selling out before Dominicans in DR could get their hands on them, Ceze hired us to come up with a pre-launch as well as a launch activation. 

hand painted De Lo Mío sneaker ︎︎︎

  De Lo Mío Teaser Video ︎︎︎

To promote the sneakers, we created posters that talked about how the DR identity was designed into this sneaker. The posters were stuck on walls crowded with ads in bodegas and supermarkets, intentionally camouflaged from hype culture. The call to action on these posters was a phone number. Most businesses in the DR display their phone numbers as big as their name in their street signs, so we wanted to give it importance. The number would go directly to a personalized voicemail where Ceze says to drop their info if they’re interested in getting a pair. We got over 1,000 voicemails, out of which we chose the top 5 most creative recordings to give away a pair as well as to create a video spot.

Campaign Posters ︎︎︎

The day of the pre-launch, we sold the sneakers in Santiago from the back of the César Tenis truck. Ceze shared on social media that the first shoes had already been sold in Santiago from his truck and announced that the truck would sell another 20 pairs in Santo Domingo the following day, where we sold them at full price.

We created an entire “Capsule Collection” that Ceze sold on his online store as well as on the César Tenis truck. The capsule collection consisted on T-shirts, bucket hats, tote bags, posters, and a hand painted helmet. We wanted to keep the DIY aspect of the Dominican Republic in all of our designs. I created a series of handpainted logos and illustrations for the collection.

Handpainted César Tenis Illustrations for Merch︎︎︎